Exhibitions A Sunday Afternoon

    Wavelength (b/w), 2013
    UV ink on canvas
    213.5 x 366 cm. (84 x 144 in.)

    No Signal, 2017
    UV ink on Fisher canvas
    213.5 x 460 cm. (84 x 181 in.)

24th June — 31st August 2019


The exhibition borrows its title from the 1884 painting A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte, by Georges Seurat. This, the most famous of his paintings, is a triumphant example of Pointillism pioneered by Seurat in the late 19th century in which small dots of color were applied in patterns to create the overall image.

Bridget Riley sites Seurat as an influence on her Op-Art paintings in which the density of lines and proximity of colours are similarly arranged to confuse the eye of the viewer. In Riley’s paintings the effect is one of disorientation, generating an effect that encourages exploration of every area of the surface. In Painting with Verticals 2 from 2006, Riley uses the colour violet to create contrast and movement, activating a visual effect on the flat surface of the canvas.

Jeff Elrod continues this trajectory of disorientation through optical trickery, reinvigorating abstract painting for a new generation. Starting with crisp vector based computer drawings that are digitally blurred using Photoshop, Elrod then transfers the resulting images to a traditional canvas surface. Without a defined focal point the composition dismisses formal structure in favour of amorphous abstraction, forcing the eye of the viewer to continually move across the plain of the canvas, being drawn ever further into a perceived infinite depth.

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