Exhibitions Progressions, Tauba Auerbach & R. H. Quaytman

13th October - 12th December 2014

The show presents paintings from Auerbach's celebrated 'Folds’ , along with one ‘Weave’ work, in dialogue with selections from Quaytman's enigmatic silkscreens that make up the ongoing 'Chapters' series to create an exhibition which challenges conventional notions of painting’s capacity for illusion.

There are elements both of play and of trickery to Auerbach’s fold works: their surfaces are at once beguiling and unsettling. Paintings that appear at first to be three-dimensional – topographical, even – reveal themselves to be flat: crumpled tromp l’oeil. The viewer’s eye is manipulated just as Auerbach herself once manipulated the canvases prior to spraying them in her studio. The works display, front and centre, the ambiguous, ungraspable surfaces of what that which the artist has termed the ‘2.5th dimension’, invoking questions of vision, surface and reality.

Quaytman’s ‘Chapter’ works offer up ethereal views both of the past and of the now. The imagery – at times photographic, at others completely abstract – seems fragile to the point of improbability, existing between the present and the absent, pointing the way to other truths, other realities.
Progressions presents two artists' contrasting but cohesive approaches to contemporary painting, through works that plumb the depths of artistic hinterlands with results that are both beautiful and fascinating.